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Laurence Eastham, Comissioning Editor, Insurance Age


Opening Keynote Address: Family Offices and the Insurance Landscape

  • What are the diverse range of risks that Family Offices face?
  • What expectations do Family Offices have when dealing with Brokers?
  • What are the challenges that Brokers can face when insuring international Family Offices?


Ian Morley, Chairman, Wentworth Hall Family Office




Interactive Master Classes Commence

Each workshop will run three times, enabling you to create an agenda matching your interests and clients' needs.


Masterclass 1)  Restoration vs replacement in claims

High net worth collections have a significant impact on the clients financial portfolio, and their restoration or replacement can effect the value of the object or the clients overall financial portfolio. What procedures are most appropriate to protect your clients’ interests?

  • Discuss the impact that restoration can have on the value of a client’s collections
  • Learn how to make a seamless claim to maintain a good relationship with your client
  • What factors impact on the decision to either restore or replace an item?

Masterclass  2) Defining the Ultra High Net Worth from the High Net Worth

As the top tier of wealthy individuals expands, there is growing competition to design and underwrite HNW insurance.  This session will explore the defining needs of UHNW clients

  • Define what makes a true Ultra High Net Worth client, and how their needs differ from other clients
  • What does excellent service look like and what are the expectations of the UHNW client?
  • Explore why higher premiums don’t automatically translate directly into higher margins


Masterclass  3) The dangers of under evaluation

Given the complexity and values of risk associated with High Net Worth Clients and their need for a bespoke service, uncover the main factors which lead to under-evaluation.

  • How can you avoid under-insurance for High Net Worth clients?
  • What does the finance portfolio of HNW clients look like and how does their asset value change?
  • How can you ensure your employees recognise the true value of your clients to reduce the risk of under-evaluation?

Masterclass  4) From kidnap to cyber ransom

The use of technology, social media and connected devices per household has increased, leaving high net worth clients more susceptible to cyber ransoms than kidnap.

  • How do you ensure that your clients understand the risk that the latest technology can have on their privacy and their insurance policy?
  • What impact does a new item of technology have on their insurance policy?
  • Understand how you can use your client relationship to help develop a cyber resilience strategy and better safeguard your clients


Masterclass  5) Catastrophic Weather Loss

As global warming effects the severity of weather patterns, so too does the impact on HNW families with properties in disaster-prone tropical or mountainous regions. Traditional risk identification tools are outdated and no longer adequately reflect the actual risk. Evaluate how risks have changed and how it impacts your clients.

  • How is catastrophic weather changing and where geographically is it likely to effect?
  • What impact will this have on HNW insurance in the future?

How can you advise your clients about the risks that catastrophic weather might have on their financial portfolio?                 



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Spotlight Session Repeat




Spotlight Session Repeat






The Big Questions 

5 short presentations on the outcomes of the masterclasses 




Preparing for the impact of a hardening market

As the broker market consolidates, how can you make sure you stay ahead of the market and your competitors?

  • Learn how to re-position yourself in the market away from being a traditional High Net Worth Broker, to a provider of expertise in a specific market
  • Engage fiercely with premium price competition, while streamlining operational models to minimise costs and maintain margins
  • Understand how the consolidation of the broker market has been a catalyst for disruptors.


Laurence Eastham, Comissioning Editor, Insurance Age


David Foster, Director, Aston Lark

Adele Rand, Development Manager, One Broker 

Steve Smith, Managing Director, Smith Greenfield


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Siân Barton, Editor, Insurance Age