BE Virtual Platform Guide

Virtual Platform Guide

Welcome to the Broker Exchange delegate portal!

We'd like your time at Broker Exchange to run as smoothly as possible, so have created helpful 'how to' guides to get you started. There are three easy steps to take, to join Broker Exchange:

  • Register to attend using the 'register now' link in the top menu bar
  • Once your registration has been confirmed and closer to the event, you will receive an email with your unique join code and link to our virtual event platform. This code and link can be used by you only, so please do not share it with anyone. If you have not received your unique link and code, please contact [email protected]
  • Once you have set your profile up within the Broker Exchange virtual platform, you can continue to log in 

Step 1 - Accessing your account

All you need to access your account is the same email address your registered with for the event. Besides that, just follow the steps below.

  • Enter your Email. This needs to be the email that you registered with for the Event. If your email is not registered, contact the organiser or [email protected]
  • Enter your Badge / Registration ID
FOIW - Delegate - Enter badge ID
  • Create a Password. You’ll use this password moving forward to access your account on Grip. You can always reset it in case you forget it. 

Step 2 - Networking

Connections and Meetings are a core element of a successful event experience. We’ve made this as easy as possible, distilling it down to just 4 simple steps to get a calendar full of meetings:

  • Step 1 - Request
    • Get recommendations, search and scroll through lists to request meetings for a time and date that works for you.
  • Step 2 - Accept
    • Receive incoming meeting requests via notifications or in your email and accept them to have them synced to your personal calendar.
  • Step 3 - Join
    • Virtual Meetings can be joined 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. You can join the meeting from your email or the platform by clicking:
FOIW - Delegate - Open virtual meeting room
  • Step 4 - Rate
    • Give anonymous feedback on your meeting with “Good”, “Bad” or “Didn’t Happen” and give a reason for your rating to qualify your post-event follow-ups. 


To get the best recommendations of people to meet and increase the chances that people accept your meetings one element is absolutely crucial: complete your profile!

Add a profile image, fill out your summary and select your preferences in the event-specific questions.

Besides being able to request meetings, mark people with “interested” or “skip”. If someone is also interested in you, chat with them and grow your network!

If you are registered and are having difficulty logging into Insurance Age Broker Exchange, please contact [email protected]