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The insurance industry is on the precipice of huge change. Now is the time to innovate and collaborate with brokers and stand out from your competition.

The insurance industry will be moving in new directions which will lead to greater investment budgets. There is no better time to forge ahead and make new business connections during this period of change. At Insurance Age Broker Exchange, we will provide you with the platform to meet with a senior broker audience to discuss your solutions.

Be on the virtual show floor and demo your products to new potential business clients and let them know how your product can support them through this hard market.

We have provided support to insurance brokers for over thirty years, and we continue to do that.

  • The opportunity for more relevant, highly-customised content selection
  • Immediate and controlled communication with your audience
  • Meaningful interaction and knowledge sharing in real-time despite travel restrictions and social distancing requirements
  • The length of meaningful engagement online can be longer than that seen at physical events (thanks to the above)
  • Captured and on-demand sessions can be repurposed
  • Local to global with immediacy –international audiences are no longer omitted due to scheduling or budgetary restrictions
  • Last but certainly not least, the ‘green’ advantage
  • The platform remembers where delegates have downloaded information from within the event
  • Exhibitors have an admin panel and access to the booth statistics 24/7 as well as data capture section
  • Exhibitors can download a transcript of all web chat conversations
  • The platform allows visibility of where attendees are logging in from across the world
  • Data capture and granular analysis is easy to manage in the back-end
Risk Asean - Sponsor

Partnering with Broker Exchange

  • Position your organisation as a revolutionary thinker
  • Reach senior decision makers looking for answers
  • Digital business cards, competitions and giveaways provided for lead collection
  • Access the pre-registration list before and after the event
  • Benefit from Insurance Age's experience of delivering thought leadership and senior decision maker audiences for our event partners

  • Status of Sponsor across all marketing and during live event
  • Pre-event: logo and profile published on event website 
  • Logo and profile published on event signage, event website and virtual platform
Virtual Platform
  • Access to attendee profile information through AI technology to match prospective clients and schedule meetings 
  • Easy accessibility for video chats and text chats with delegates throughout the week
  • Make your own schedule and fill up time with 20 minute meetings
  • Access to virtual sessions in real time and on demand
Deliver a pre-recorded or presentation which includes opportunity to:
  • Full PowerPoint functionality with embedded video and animations
  • Switch between co-presenters across multiple locations
  • Screen share functionality and whiteboard facility (live presentations only)
  • Launch audience polls
  • Invite downloads
  • Host a Q&A after a pre-recorded presentation

Interested? Check out our Broker Exchange partnership pack